Canadian Shield Capital partners with like-minded investors and management teams to create value over the long-term. We are not passive investors; we actively support our partners with capital and know how to build networks, improve processes, expand capacities, and effectively develop and execute strategies.

The Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield is a massive region of Precambrian rock, stretching from the east coast of North America to the prairies and up to the Canadian Arctic. Enormous quantities of fresh water accumulate there, supporting plant and animal growth from early stage lichens and aquatic life to vast forests and some of the world’s largest land mammals.

Canadian Shield Capital

Canadian Shield Capital is a private equity investment firm looking to partner with great management teams, who possess strong and stable business models, to invest in those businesses for the long-term, and to work with management to build those businesses sustainably, through thoughtful analysis, planning, and execution.

Our team members have diverse backgrounds in finance, engineering, project management, and operations. Working closely with operational management on each investment allows us to bring a depth of knowledge and our individual expertise to each investment.