Canadian Shield Capital partners with like-minded investors and management teams to create value over a longer term. We are not passive investors; we actively support our partners with capital and know how to build networks, improve processes, expand capacities and effectively develop and execute strategies.

Why Canadian Shield Capital?

We uncover the
right opportunities

We leverage our team’s expertise to identify fast growing and sustainable businesses driven by macro-economic trends.

We add
distinct value

We support our partners through network building, collaborative leadership and sustainable growth strategy implementation.

We structure

We use our structural expertise to protect downside, participate in upside and align overall interests.


Canadian Shield

Resembling an ancient shield, strong, long-standing, raised and ready to protect, the Canadian Shield contains an abundance of valuable natural resources. Containing enormous quantities of fresh water and one of the world’s richest areas of mineral ores, it supports the growth of the surrounding ecosystem and Canada as a country. 

Canadian Shield Capital aspires to be the foundation upon which resilient and sustainable companies can grow.