What we do

Canadian Shield Capital is a long-term oriented private equity and infrastructure investor. We work to invest in stable operating businesses with strong management, and opportunities to build, own and operate specialized processes and services under long-term contracts, including private partnerships.

We are size and industry agnostic, and attracted to strong and collaborative management teams and business models with  sustainable barriers to entry and growth prospects. We prefer a control position in private companies, with stable, predictable cash flow and the potential for growth through process improvement, service or product expansions, or acquisition. Canadian Shield Capital concentrates on North American-headquartered businesses that may have a global footprint or global aspirations.


We raise capital for each opportunity on a bespoke basis, working with a long-term focused investor group including Hatch, pension funds, institutions, and high net worth families.

Technical Services

We invest where we can bring deep technical expertise, relationships, and leadership to drive growth and profitability. We invest in sectors where we have direct experience such as energy, industrials, and infrastructure.


We develop build-own-operate projects and co-invest in projects with proven technologies, short implementation timelines, and long-term agreements. We work with trusted partners and high-perfomance management teams.

Long-term orientation

We typically invest with a longer-term view than traditional private equity. We will invest considerable time and capital in a business and stay with that business through business cycles. With that full business cycle in mind, it means we choose a lower, sustainable amount of leverage.

Where it makes sense, we will also provide growth capital to strong businesses where we are in involved in decision-making and are investing alongside like-minded investors.